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Three Jubilee Year Charities

Three charities of the Jubilee year

Lu See Lee

The three charities chosen for this Jubilee year focus on vulnerable women and mothers, the chronically ill and handicapped children. Despite the relative youth of the foundations, they already have achieved good results.

At the Jubilee opening ceremony, they will give a short introduction to their foundations. Later during the Jubilee year each of them will give a full presentation of their work and achievements.

The first charity is The Rosa Manus women’s shelters


These shelters are named after Rosetta Susanna Manus who fought all her life for women’s rights. Her tireless work achieved international fame. Together with another women’s rights fighter, Dr Aletta Jacobs, she organized the first International Women’s Congress that took place in The Hague in 1915.

The Rosa Manus takes care of women/mothers and children who have been victims of domestic violence. They offer different types of help: they can come during office hours or in cases of emergency, they will be admitted to the shelter. Rosa Manus offers shelter but giving these women their independence back is their main focus. The Rosa Manus partners the women to achieve an independent existence. Their philosophy is based on the power of women and their ability to find


The second charity isThe Clini-Clowns foundation

In the 1960’s an American paediatrician and clown, Dr Patch Adams, approached his patients as a clown. He believes in a strong connection between the social environment and the well-being of patients. Their health cannot be seen separately from the health of their family, the community and the world. This idea spread through Europe where they are named ‘the red noses’. Clini-clowns in the Netherlands have been in existence for 25 years. They combine their work in hospitals with activities outside, including performing in their own circus. Their philosophy is based on the thoughts of Dr Patch Adams.

The third charity is –  The Clini Dogs foundation

Just like blind guide dogs, these (therapy) dogs are, from puppies, specially trained to protect vulnerable people in society. People with autism, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSS) can be helped by therapy dogs. During their coaching, these dogs are ‘tailor made’ to help their new owners. The diagnosis PTSS has been recognized in soldiers and families who suffered in war. Less known is that women who have been victims of incest, rape and violence can also suffer from PTSS. With the assistance of a therapy dog, these women can gain self-esteem and lead an independent life.