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Signature Dish Workshop Flash Back

Signature Dish Workshop February


Last month we were treated to a different kind of Signature Dish workshop. Kirsten Hennekens offered to demonstrate her Thermomix that she uses to whip up everyday meals at home. (And to be very clear she is not an agent for the brand.)



The Thermomix is a highly versatile cooking appliance that combines a dozen or more functions in one machine. Since the ladies who signed up for the workshop are all self-confessed gadget lovers, expectations were running high when we set off and we were not at all disappointed.

A table was set up with the Thermomix and all the necessary ingredients for a three-course meal. The machine itself looked surprisingly compact and yet Kirsten explained that it had the capacity to produce 4-6 portions of any recipe. Our plan was to make a Moroccan lentil and tomato soup, a risotto with Parmesan cheese and mushrooms, and a dessert with carrots and ricotta topped with nuts and raisins.

The machine has built-in weighing scales, a timer, a food processor that can chop, blend, whip, knead etc. and a heating element that cooks at the right temperature for the correct length of time. It contains a computer chip with hundreds of recipes and clear concise instructions appear on the display panel for you to follow.



You just have to gather the ingredients. The machine weighs them, chops, cooks, prompting you step by step to the finished dish. We all took turns to operate the machine, preparing each dish as it prompted us. Using fresh ingredients, it took approximately twenty minutes to produce each of the dishes. Kirsten also showed us how easy it was to clean the machine because it practically cleans itself.

Everything that it cooked was both delicious and healthy. The risotto even passed muster with our Italian participant who gave it a very definite thumbs up. The machine is not inexpensive, but its advanced and very user-friendly technology was worth looking at.

And while we were all under the influence of such a super gadget, debating its finer qualities, we also agreed that it could be a great way to get our husbands to do more cooking! Thank you, Kirsten for an enjoyable and very inspiring




Shirish Dunham