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Our Gala Dinner 16 March

Our Gala Dinner 16 March 2019


Five IWC Presidents,
Carola Schaaf-Hillenaar, Shirish Dunham-Baviskar,
Nanda Jagusiak-Monteiro, Hanneke van Eekelen, Marian Kools-Biezen


Colorful ladies accompanied by their husbands and friends, a festively lit room with sparkling chandeliers and candles.

Bouquets with red tulips on the mantelpieces and tables.


Laughter and joy, a nice menu and a romantic singer!


An evening to get to know your friends in an other way and an evening to make new friends!





Out of our 115 guests there were 33 men! A very nice outcome for a ladies club and who knows maybe that number will increase with the next gala!



We even had some former members to join us and it was a happy reunion with long time friends. A lively entertaining evening and having fun taking pictures of each other!




Cristina Battistig, our master of ceremony and key organizer of the event was radiant in her beautiful midnight blue long evening gown.


Our President Marian Kools in a charming fine black and white lace enjoying the evening

Many thanks to Marcello Battistig, husband of Cristina who was our Red Carpet Photographer and Erik Boer, the husband of Ada, who went round with the raffle tickets during the dinner.

Mr. Patrick America and his wife Sherley, the jewelers couple, donated a beautiful diamond pendant and that evening we have sold raffle tickets for €1195.
The lucky winner was……..?


Our three charity projects can be satisfied!

Many thanks for the Jubilee Committee who had been busy planning for many months for this evening but most of all I would like to thank all the guests who were there that evening and for their joy and happiness to make the gala evening a great success.


To see more pictures of this great event please visit our website.


Ada Boer
Chairman of the Jubilee Committee
Cristina Battistig
Vice Chairman of the Jubilee Committee