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Our Closing Event Friday 7 June

A Jubilee Closing Event Luncheon on Friday 7 June!



All good things come to an end and so our jubilee year! We had an incredible year with a large variety of events, our Grand Opening Event, Excursions, Workshops, a Great Winter Fair, a Gala Dinner, the Exhibition at E&Y,  the Car Rally and now our Closing Event.  

With an incredible year we will have a luncheon on our Closing Event Day.

We like to offer you the luncheon for the incredible prices of just  10.00

Right after the AGA on Friday 7 June at lunch time, we will have the luncheon at the large room of the Marriott Hotel where they will have already set the tables for us.

The Menu

Salad Bar

Vegetarian Rice Curry

Vegetarian Pasta

Mushroom Ragout

Grilled Vegetables

Cheese Plate


Surprise Dessert

1 Drink

All you have to do is to register at the Jubilee Table and pay  10.00 at the Monthly Meeting of April or May.

You will receive an admission ticket and 1 drink token.

Please don’t lose them because you have to hand them over on 7 June.

The deadline is 1st of June

Looking forward to see you all on 7 June.

Ada Boer

Chairman Jubilee Committee