International Women's Contact The Hague

Introduction New IWC Board Members 2018-2019


Marian Kools-Biezen, President

She is married, has 4 kids and 3 grandchildren. She has been educated as a graphic designer and art historian, later in life she studied to become a realtor and through this day she works regularly for a realtor’s office in The Hague. She has not given up her artwork and teaches once a week porcelain painting. She has lived half of her life in the USA, one quarter of her life in several European countries and one quarter of her life in Holland. She enjoys being a member of IWC and has participated in many activities. She is very happy to be able to serve the IWC and very proud to be your president.



Cristina Battistig-Nizzica, Vice-President    

I’ve already served the IWC with enormous pleasure and enthusiasm as Activity Officer for 2 years, so maybe many of you already know me. I’m Italian and studied Psychology and Architecture in Italy. I married an Italian man and, shortly after I left my work as a teacher, we moved to the Netherlands. We have two boys who are studying at University in Holland. One of my hobbies is painting on ceramics in the Delft Blue style. Now I have again the opportunity to volunteer for the IWC Board and I am honored to be your Vice-President. I’m looking forward to an interesting Jubilee year and working together with the new Board. 


Iman Hamze, Hospitality Officer

I am Lebanese Italian and have been a member of the International Women’s Club for six years. I was born in Lebanon, where I lived for 22 years, and studied Economic Science at the Lebanese University. After I married, I moved with my husband to Milan, Italy, where my daughter and son were born. In Italy my passion for art flourished. I enrolled in various courses developing skills in craftsmanship and attended workshops and art fairs which led me to become an artist and teacher of arts & crafts. In 2007 I moved to The Hague with my family. The opportunities that came from living in this multicultural city led me to join the IWC in 2012, an association where I have always been surrounded by talented, international and friendly women. In my time at the IWC I have taken part in the Lunch Group, the Yoga Group and was the coordinator of Arts & Crafts group, all of which have led me to where I am today.


Adrienne Por, Secretary

Since 2015 I have been living in The Hague. I was born in Budapest and spent my childhood in Vienna, studied and worked in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Ireland and the UK. Professionally I am an economist, specialized in marketing and communication. It is an honour for me to work with IWC The Hague in the position of Secretary.





Margie van Gijn, Public Relations Officer

Having been born in Curaçao, an island in the southern Caribbean Sea off the coast of South America that forms part of the Dutch Caribbean, I moved at a very young age to another beautiful island, Aruba. After finalizing my secondary education with honors back in Curaçao, I left for the Netherlands to complete my studies. For many years I worked in the field of education, a most important and interesting period of my life. On request I decided to serve the Government of the Netherlands Antilles! Last year I completed my career after assisting many Ministers Plenipotentiaries as a PR, Protocol and Spokesperson Officer. Having been chosen to serve you as PR Officer I am very enthusiastic and motivated to take over from our most dedicated Marian Kools. An example for me! Thank you so much Marian for a job beautifully done!! Looking forward to joining this absolutely great and promising board: wonderful ladies serving a wonderful Club!! 


Laila Yusoff-Van Dam, editor              

I was born and raised in Singapore and became a Malaysian citizen after my leaving school. I have a degree in Mass Communication, majoring in Journalism. After completed my

university study, I have worked with local newspaper and as a Public Relations Officer for a leading Malaysian Bank. After so many years living in different countries, my husband who is Dutch and myself decided to move back to the Netherlands. Now it has been four years we are here and happily settled down. Since joining the IWC, I have met many great ladies and enjoyed very much the activities offered. Now as the new Editor for the club magazine, my wish is to do my best and above all just to enjoy.


Marry Takken, Treasurer

After living in Paris, Berlin, New York, Philadelphia and Paris again, I came back to the Netherlands in 2012 and, although I felt like a fish in water here, I missed the International environment so I was very pleased to join the IWC. This wonderful club gives me so many opportunities and, in return, I will be happy to be your treasurer this coming year.





Jeanne Thoret, Programme Officer

Born in Morocco but grown up in France I, from a very young age, have been interested in other countries and cultures, probably explaining the further evolution of my life, my professional career and my involvement in the IWC. After completing my studies in Paris in Business Administration, I married a Dutchman and moved to Holland. Here I started working at ESA in Noordwijk where I spent most of my professional career having diverse functions with responsibilities in the monitoring of inter-national space projects. I also gave birth to three daughters. A very hectic life. After my retirement I was lucky to be offered the function of Programme Officer in the IWC which opened an opportunity for different international contacts and experiences. I really enjoy working with a team of dedicated and creative people and interacting with so many personalities within the IWC membership. My mandate is terminating at the end of this club year. 


Beatrice Cappucci: Activities officer

Born in 1969 in Rome, Italy where I lived up to the age of 25 and finished my classical studies (a Master’s degree in History of the Middle Ages). The last 25 years have been spent in different European counties learning a lot about moving home, managing a family of four and also the different cultural shades that make our world so special.





Barbara Ansari, Membership Officer

I was born in Vienna, Austria where I studied English and Sports and met my husband who is Asian. About twenty-nine years ago we moved to France, then later Italy and now we live in the Netherlands.

My children and grandchildren live in Brussels, Maastricht and close to Vienna. I love languages, sports and the arts. In 2005 I joined IWC, The Hague where I made a lot of new friends. I immediately became involved in the arts group, which I now lead.

I enjoy organising and socialising. This year will be my 4th and last year of being the Membership Officer.